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Number 1: September 2016 - Archive - Spanish


Noticia 4 Fall program of the Permanent Seminar


During the Fall there will be eight sessions of the Permanent Seminar, organized by Andrew Richards. Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions will take place on Fridays at 12:30. The location of the seminar will be announced here.

14 October: Peter Foldvari (University of Utrecht) “The Geographical and Institutional Determinants of the Location of Christian Missions in Sub-Saharan Africa”

28 October: Gustavo Torrens (Indiana University): “Stirring Up a Hornets’ Nest: Geographic Distribution of Crime”

4 November: Maria Sobolewska (University of Manchester): “Reputational Benefits for Political Parties from Ethnic and Gender Diversity. Evidence from Survey Experiments in the UK”

11 November: Luis de la Calle (CIDE) “Sanctions, State Capacity and War Dynamics: Evidence from Colombia”

18 November: Hye-Young You (Vanderbilt University) “Targeted Transfers and Local Public Goods Provisions: Evidence from the Shale Gas Boom in the US”

25 November: Pedro Magalhaes (University of Lisbon) “Procedural Fairness and the Economic Vote”

13 December: Ian Shapiro (Yale University): “Business and the South African Transition”

16 December: Ruth Milkman (CUNY) “A New Political Generation: U.S. ‘Millennials’ and the Post-2008 Cycle of Protest”

The seminar sessions are open to the entire academic community.

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