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February 2017 - Archive


Spring program for the Permanent Seminar


There will be seven sessions of the Permanent Seminar in Spring, organized by Andrew Richards. Except where indicated, the sessions will be on Fridays at 12:30. The seminar room is announced on the webpage.

The planned schedule is:

  • 3rd March: Roberto Gargarella (UBA/Di Tella, Buenos Aires) “The New Constitutionalism in Latin America. Reflections from Constitutional Theory”

  • 10th March: Sofía Pérez (Boston University) “The Political Economy of Austerity: Distributive Outcomes and their Implications  in Southern Europe”

  • 31st March: Laia Balcells (Duke University). “The Political Consequences of Terrorism: A Quasi-Experimental Approach”
  • 21st April: Delia Baldassarri (New York University). “Interethnic Relationships in Contemporary Communities: How does Diversity Affect Solidarity and Cooperation? 
  • 5th May: Matt Golder (Pennsylvania State University): “It’s Not Only What You Say, but Also How You Say It: Campaign Sentiment in European Party Manifestos”.
  • 16th May: Olga Shvetsova (SUNY Binghamton): “Politics and the Distributive Properties of the Technological Trajectory: the Case of Health” 
  • 19th May: Julia Cagé (Sciences Po, Paris): “The Production of Information in an Online World: Is Copy Right?”

The seminars are open to the whole academic community. 

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