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September 2017 - Archive


Fall program of the Permanent Seminar


During the Fall there will be three sessions of the Permanent Seminar, organized by Andrew Richards. Except where indicated to the contrary, the sessions will take place on Fridays at 12:30. The room for the seminar will be announced here.

The schedule is:

20 October: David Le Bris (Toulouse Business School). "Family Characteristics and Economic Development"

27 October: Jordi Muñoz (University of Barcelona). "Labor Unrest, Political Activation and Female Participation upon Enfranchisement"

10 November: Mike Hout (New York University). "Meteor or Volcano? We Should Have Predicted Populist Nationalism Before Trump Ran for President"

17 November: Pablo Beramendi (Duke University). "Long-run Fiscal Development and the Politics of Inequality"

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