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February 2018 - Archive


Grants for undertaking the Master’s in Social Sciences


The Juan March Servera Fellowships, created in the agreement signed between Madrid Carlos III University and the Juan March Foundation, for the constitution of the Institute Carlos III- and the Juan March of Social Sciences, offers two “Juan March Servera” grants to undertake the Master’s in Social Sciences of the Institute Carlos III-Juan March of Social Sciences (IC3JM) and three scholarships for tuition.

Each grant is for two years and is worth 15,000 euros (gross) annually. The grant that corresponds to the second year can be withheld if the student does not pass one or more courses in the first year of the Master’s.

These grants are open to any student (Spanish or foreign) who has an excellent academic record, a high level of English and is strongly motivated by study and research in the social sciences.

The application deadline for grants is 9th April. More information on grants can be found on the website of the Juan March Servera Fellowships.

The registration grants are given for two years of the Master’s, with a quantity equal to the cost of registration for a student of the European Union (2,900 euros approximately). It is not necessary to be a citizen of a EU country to apply for it.

The application deadline is the 31st May. More information on the three grants can be found on the website of the registration grants.

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