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February 2018 - Archive


Spring program for the Permanent Seminar


During the Spring nine sessions of the Permanent Seminar will take place, organized by Andrew Richards. Except where indicated, the sessions will take place on Fridays at 12:30. The seminar room is announced on the webpage of the Permanent Seminar.

The planned schedule is:

9th March: Jane Gingrich (Oxford University): "Changing Labor Markets, Changing Voters?"

16th March: Dingxin Zhao (University of Chicago): "Temporality, Structure and Wisdom: The Essence of Historical Sociology"

23rd March: Adria Lawrence (Johns Hopkins University): "Colonial State-Building Projects in French Algeria"

13th April: Daniel Oesch (University of Lausanne): "Job Polarization and Middle Class Erosion in Europe"

20th April: Abbey Steele (University of Amsterdam): "Challengers and Collaborators: Barriers to State-Building in Colombia"

4th May: Kenneth Roberts (Cornell University), "Varieties of Capitalism and Subtypes of Populism: Structural Foundations of Political Divergence in Europe and Latin America"

11th May: Luz Marina Arias (CIDE): "How do Rulers Rule? Coordination and the Legitimate Accumulation of Power"

18th May: Covadonga Meseguer (LSE and Santander professor at UC3M): "Return Migration and Democratization"

25th May: Carles Boix (Princeton University): "Democratic Capitalism at a Crossroads? Technological Change and the Breakdown of Consensus Politics"

The seminars are open to the whole academic community.

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