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February 2018 - Archive


International academic meeting


During 18th and 19th June an international academic meeting entitled “The Political Economy of Corruption and Accountability” will take place, co-organized by Simon Weschle and Pablo Fernández-Vázquez.

Simon Weschle is professor at the Department of Political Science (Syracuse University) and was junior researcher at IC3JM between 2017 and 2018.

Pablo Fernández has been junior researcher at IC3JM since 2015.

The participants will be, among others: Miriam Golden (UCLA), Daniel Gingerich (University of Virginia), Leslie Schwindt-Bayer (Rice University), Eric Chang (Michigan State University), Catherine de Vries (University of Essex), Jordi Muñoz (Universitat de Barcelona), Sarah Brierley (Washington University in St. Louis), Simon Weschle (Syracuse University), and Pablo Fernández-Vázquez (IC3JM).

There will be more information available soon on the webpage of the IC3JM’s Conferences.

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