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February 2018 - Archive


Recent or forthcoming publications from IC3JM researchers


Escobar, Modesto and Carlos Tejero. 2018. “El análisis reticular de coincidencias”. Empiria, 39, 129-148.

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Fernández, Juan and Antonio Jaime-Castillo (forthcoming).”The Institutional Foundation of Social Class Differences in Pro-redistribution Attitudes: A Cross-National Analysis, 1985-2010”. Social Forces.

Fernández, Juan, Cristina Mora, and Margarita Torre (forthcoming). “Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain”. International Migration, (published first online)

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García Albacete, Gema, Mónica Ferrín, and Marta Fraile. (forthcoming) “Is It Simply Gender? Content, Format and Time in Political Knowledge Measures”. Politics and Gender.

García Albacete, Gema, Mónica Ferrín, and Marta Fraile. 2017. “The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge: Is It all about Guessing? An Experimental Approach”. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 29(1).

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Radl Jonas, Kène Henkens, Hendrik van Dalen, David Ekerdt, Douglas Hershey, Martin Hyde, Hanna van Solinge, Mo Wang, and Hannes Zacher. (forthcoming). “What We Need to Know about Retirement: Pressing Issues for the Coming Decade”. The Gerontologist (published first online).

Radl, Jonas, Jan Paul Heisig, and Bram Lancee. (forthcoming). “Ethnic Inequality in Retirement Income: A Comparative Analysis of Immigrant-Native Gaps in Western Europe”, Ageing & Society (published first online).

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Riera, Pedro and Elias Dinas. (forthcoming).“Do European Parliament Elections Impact National Party System Fragmentation?”, Comparative Political Studies.

Riera, Pedro. (forthcoming). “The Impact of Intraparty Electoral Reforms on Party System Nationalization”,Publius: The Journal of Federalism.

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Rooney, Bryan. (forthcoming). “Emergency Powers in Democracies and International Conflict”. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

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Rooney, Bryan. (forthcoming). “Sources of Leader Support and Interstate Rivalry”. International Interactions.

Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio and Luis de la Calle. (forthcoming). “Terrorism in Western Europe: A Homegrown Trademark”, in A. Gofas, E. Chenoweth, R. English, and S. Kalyvas (eds), The Oxford Handbook on Terrorism (Oxford University Press).

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Simón, Pablo and Marc Guinjoan. 2017. “The Short and Long-term Effects of Institutional Change on Party System Nationalization”, Comparative European Politics.

Torre, Margarita, Juan J. Fernández, and Cristina Mora. (forthcoming). “Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain”. International Migration, (published first online).

Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Exit from Male-Dominated Occupations: Variation among Occupations and Women”. Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 60(4): 665-684.

Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Wanting More or Wanting Less? Mismatches between Actual and Preferred Working Hours in Spain, 2005-2014”. Revista Internacional de Sociología, 75(2): e061.

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