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September 2018 - Archive


Permanent Seminar


Autumn Program of the Permanent Seminar

During the Autumn, six sessions of the Permanent Seminar, organized by Andrew Richards, will take place. Unless otherwise indicated, sessions will take place on Fridays at 12.30. The location of the seminar is announced here.

The planned schedule is:

5 October: Lilach Lurie (University of Tel Aviv): "Do Trade Unions Promote Intergenerational Solidarity? Evidence from Canada and Israel"

19 October: Moshe Semyonov (University of Tel Aviv): "Gender and Racial Earnings Disparities and Sector of Employment"

26 October: Daniele Caramani (University of Zurich): "National Past and Populism: The Re-Elaboration of Fascism and its Impact on Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe"

16 November: Amanda Garrett (Georgetown University, Qatar): "Pluralism and Contentious Politics in France"

23 November: Marina Costa Lobo (University of Lisbon): "The Consequences of Politicisation of the EU for Voting Behavior"

30 November: Gabriel Negretto (CIDE, Mexico): "Constitutional Change and Democratization: The Impact of Elite Bargains and Mass Participation"

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