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February 2022 - Archive


Permanent Seminar


During the Spring seven sessions of the Permanent Seminar will take place, organized by Amuitz Garmendia y Sebastián Lavezzolo. Except where indicated, the sessions will take place on Fridays at 12:30. The seminar room is announced on the webpage of the Permanent Seminar.

The planned schedule is:

11th March: Geoffrey Evans (Oxford University): “Class, Status and Identity Politics”

25th March: Iñaki Permanyer (Autonomous University of Barcelona): “Global Health Inequalities: Levels, Trends, and Determinants”

1st April: Gabriel Abend (University of Lucerne): “Will Social Scientists’ Never-ending Disputes over Words ever End?”

22nd April: Diana C. Mutz (University of Pennsylvania): “Support for Isolationism in the United States: The Impact of COVID19”

29th April: Pablo Beramendi (Duke University): “How Inequality Shapes Political Participation: The Role of Spatial Patterns of Political Competition”

6th May: Diana Z. O’Brien (Rice University): “Women’s Representation and Democratic Legitimacy”

18th May: David Broockman (University of California, Berkeley): “The Manifold Effects of Partisan Media on Viewers’ Beliefs and Attitudes: A Field Experiment”

The seminar sessions are open to the whole academic community.

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