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February 2019 - Archive


Recent or forthcoming publications from IC3JM researchers


Escobar, Modesto and Pablo Cabrera-Álvarez. 2019. El efecto de la ponderación y la imputación en el sesgo de los estudios electorales en España. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (165), 45-64.

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Fisunoglu, Ali and Deniz S. Sert. (forthcoming). “Refugees and Elections: The Effects of Syrian Refugees on Voting Behavior in Turkey”. International Migration.

Fisunoglu, Ali. (forthcoming). “System Dynamics Modeling in International Relations”. All Azimuth: A Journal of Foreign Policy and Peace.

Fisunoglu, Ali. (forthcoming). “Conflict and Cooperation in the Northern Middle East from a Power Transition Theory Perspective.” in Jacek Kugler and Ronald L. Tammen (eds.), The Rise of Regions. Rowman & Littlefield.

Fisunoglu, Ali. (forthcoming). “The Costs of Syrian Civil War and Propositions for Syria’s Post-War Recovery”. Global Relations Forum Policy Paper Series.

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Fishman, Robert. 2018. “What 25 April Was and Why it Mattered”, Portuguese Studies (Volume 34: 20-34, April 2018).

Fishman, Robert. (forthcoming). Democratic Practice: Origins of the Iberian Divide in Political Inclusion.

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Garmendia, Amuitz, Sandra León, and Ignacio Jurado. (forthcoming). “Passing the Buck? Responsibility Attribution and Cognitive Bias in Multilevel Democracies”. West European Politics (published online)

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Orriols, Lluís and Mariano Torcal. 2018. “Formándose opiniones sobre Europa: El uso de ‘pistas partidistas e ideológicas’ y la competencia política en los votantes españoles”. In: Torcal, M. (Ed.) Opinión Pública y cambio electoral en España. Claves ante el reto europeo y la crisis política y económica. Madrid: CIS. pp 107-128

Özel, Isik D. and Asli Unan. (forthcoming) “Decoupling Trends: Drivers of Agency Independence in Telecommunications, An Analysis of High and Middle-Income Countries,” Regulation & Governance.

Özel, Işik D. 2018. “Market Integration and Transformation of Business Politics: Diverging Trajectories of Corporatisms in Mexico and Turkey”. Socio-Economic Review, published 06/29/2018.

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Radl, Jonas and Jelle Lössbroek. 2018. “Teaching Older Workers New Tricks. Workplace Practices and Gender Training Differences in Nine European Countries”, Ageing & Society, (published online).

Radl Jonas, Kène Henkens, Hendrik van Dalen, David Ekerdt, Douglas Hershey, Martin Hyde, Hanna van Solinge, Mo Wang, and Hannes Zacher. 2018. “What We Need to Know about Retirement: Pressing Issues for the Coming Decade”. The Gerontologist.

Radl, Jonas, Jan Paul Heisig, and Bram Lancee. 2018. “Ethnic Inequality in Retirement Income: A Comparative Analysis of Immigrant-Native Gaps in Western Europe”, Ageing & Society.

Radl, Jonas, Fernández-Reino, Mariña, and María Ramos 2018. “Employment Outcomes of Ethnic Minorities in Spain: Towards Increasing Economic Incorporation among Immigrants and the Second Generation?”, Social, Inclusion, 6(3): 48–63.

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Riera, Pedro. 2018. “The Impossible Reform of the Electoral System in Spain.” In Marina Costa Lobo, ed., Sistema Eleitoral Português: Problemas e Soluções, Almedina.

Riera, Pedro (forthcoming). “Voting after the Change: A Natural Experiment on the Effect of Electoral Reform on Party System Fragmentation”. International Political Science Review.

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Rooney, Bryan and Alexander, Dan. (forthcoming) “Vote-Buying by the United States in the United Nations”. International Studies Quarterly.

Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio. (forthcoming, May 2019). The Historical Roots of Political Violence. Revolutionary Terrorism in Affluent Countries. Cambridge University Press.

Torre, Margarita. (forthcoming) “Women in Blue: Structural and Individual Determinants of Sex Segregation in Blue- collar Occupations”. Gender & Society.

Torre, Margarita. 2018. “Stopgappers? The Occupational Trajectories of Men in Female-Dominated Occupations”. Work and Occupations 45(3): 283-312.

Torre Margarita, Juan J. Fernández, and Cristina Mora. 2018. “Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain”. International Migration 56(5): 56-73.

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